Christmas Cookies ~ Hurry Santa’s Coming

We have an emergency! Santa is on his way and so is Hanukkah Harry, we don’t have cookies yet. What do we do now? Well thank God for a quick & easy recipe from Sarah @ Cj’s Keto Kitchen, she has a sweet awesome keto frosted sugar cookie recipe that will leave Santa & Hanukkah Harry smiling and without breaking there keto diets…

Make sure to stop by Cj’s Keto Kitchen she has some great recipes.

Wow, A Very Keto Thanksgiving

So the girls in the kitchen my wife Debbie did a awesome Cauliflower casserole, our daughter Christine assisting chopping the celery for chicken stuffing, while our friend Svetlana creates a Baby Spinach Salad and where was I well snapped a couple of picture and went back outside to watch the smoker. Yes I was cooking a awesome smoked turkey…

So what all did we have, well a oven baked turkey, a smoked turkey, Cauliflower casserole, deviled eggs, Russell sprouts (brussels sprouts) our friend Russ makes them and he is working on his keto journey with us. Also some keto cornbread, cheese dip, pork rinds for the dippen and chicken keto corn bread dressing. For dessert keto Pecan pie… OMG!

So did we suffer? Did we feel like we where missing out? Absolutely not.

We are so blessed and to have family and friends to spend the day hanging out, cooking, laughing, getting healthier, just a little of our Thanksgiving we wanted to share with you.