Keto Funky is a bike’s journey on keto, changed my life.

By way of introduction my name is John Ojeda in March 1, 2019 my wife and I started our keto journey.

Ok let’s back up, so yes I am a biker 51yrs old been riding for over 35yrs. I have always been over weight, my whole life was being made fun of in elementary school but once I hit Jr High I figured out I could intimidate yep push my weight around to get my way. Well years went by met the love of my life and got married. Got involved with ministry in 96 and was ordained in 2005. Founded a Christian motorcycle club in 2014.

So in 2018 I officiated my step daughter’s wedding, after see the pictures from the wedding I was so embarrassed for my daughter. My wife saw them and also felt bad. So we decided something had to change. I had tried diets before would loose 10 maybe 20lb, joined gyms for a few months and nothing. I heard about keto and ask my doctor, funny enough he live a keto lifestyle so I was interested. I started researching, bought 2 cookbooks, start listening to youtube and March 1, 2019 we started.

Me weight on 3/1/19 was 250lb as of this post 11/19/19 I am 191lb.

I will be posting information on keto, what’s working for me, videos & recipes and much more.

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